Smith rejects Eubank Jr’s ‘dirty’ accusation | ‘He’s moaning already’

Chris Eubank Jr has accused Liam Smith of being a “dirty fighter” as the pair continued their war of words in a tense encounter ahead of their upcoming bout.

Eubank and Smith’s hotly anticipated middleweight showdown will take place on January 21 at the AO Arena in Manchester, live on Sky Sports Box Office.

The pair sat down to film The Gloves Are Off, which is available in full via Sky Sports On Demand on Friday, with Johnny Nelson overseeing an exchange that saw Eubank continue to throw jibes at Smith.

Eubank said: “He is a dirty fighter though, I’ve seen quite a few things where…”

“Smith immediately cut off his rival, replying: “Don’t be moaning already, Chris. You like a fight yourself, don’t be moaning already.”

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Chris Eubank Jr says he’s ‘rattled’ Liam Smith after receiving heated messages from him ahead of their showdown in Manchester on January 21st.

Eubank continued: “I’m just saying, I like when I see guys doing the headbutting and the elbowing, because that means that they’re not true, and when the going gets tough they look for ways out, they look for ways that they’re not supposed to use.”

Smith again responded: “You’re reading that all wrong. I’ll do anything I can to beat you, anything. It’s a fight, it’s a called a fight.”

Eubank then further explained his accusation: “That’s what I’m saying. You can be a dirty fighter. For me, I’ve never been a dirty fighter, I’ve never done anything in my career which is against the rules.

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Liam Smith says Chris Eubank Jr claims are ‘laughable’ ahead of their fight on January 21 – and questioned why his rival asked for a rematch clause.

“So I like watching fighters and seeing them have to resort to the dirty tactics because their skill level isn’t enough to get them through the fight, so they have to start using their head and their elbow.

“I’ve seen you use your head in fights, I’ve seen you headbutt, I’ve seen you elbow.”

Smith, wary of his losing his cool, offered a final retort: “You’re trying, but again, I don’t care.”

Smith: I would struggle with loss because of Eubank arrogance

In a moment of total honesty, Smith admitted that he would find losing to Eubank more difficult than a defeat to some other fighters.

The Liverpudlian has suffered three defeats in his 36-fight professional career, but comes into the bout on the back of three victories, all of which came inside the distance.

“I’d struggle losing to anybody, but I’d also struggle losing to this man,” Smith said.

“Look at him, his persona, his demeanour, his attitude, his arrogance – I’d struggle to lose to somebody like Chris.

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Chris Eubank Jr has revealed that he is only sparring eight rounds as he believes that is ‘how long the fight will last’ against Liam Smith on January 21.

“I can’t be anything other (than honest). I’ve never been anything other my whole career and I’m not going to sit here now because it’s Chris and play Chris’ game and do some of the stuff he does.

“It’s unthinkable to lose.”

Chris Eubank Jr vs Liam Smith is on Saturday January 21, live on Sky Sports Box Office. Book it now if you are a Sky TV subscriber or a Non-Sky TV subscriber. Buy tickets here.